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Here’s How to Have the Best Summer Portrait Session Ever | Washington, DC Family Photographer

Summer is in full swing, folks! 

So far we’ve had crazy storms, extreme heat and humidity, and best of all, a major cicada invasion. Summer in the DMV is not for the faint of heart, I’ll tell you that! But as a native Floridian, bugs, storms and heat have been the norm for me for as long as I can remember. I’ve spent my entire life living and learning – and now know how to enjoy the summer despite “the elements”! 

Tapping into that experience and knowledge, I’ve put together my TOP FIVE TIPS for having the BEST SUMMER PORTRAIT SESSION EVER! I know that spring and fall are very popular for family photos, but if you do it right, you can have an equally amazing experience during the summer months. 

Book a sunrise session to beat the DC heat!

The sun rises CRAZY early in DC this time of the year. Let’s use that soft golden sunrise light to our advantage and get your session in before the blazing summer heat sets in! 

Find a DC area session location that only makes sense during the summer! 

What do I mean by that? Well, it will likely be hot – so how can we incorporate “cooling down” into your photos but make it beautiful and special? With water, of course! Perhaps we find a local creek where you can play with the kids. OR maybe we head to a beach! I definitely know of a few locations within an hour’s drive of DC! And if all that water is too much for you, let’s find some super cute docks where you and the fam can just dip your feet in. 

And of course, there are other photo session locations that literally only exist during the summertime. Like sunflower fields! Or a county fair! I mean, come on – can you imagine how FUN the photos would be from a family session at a fair. The colors, the rides, the cotton candy, the lights! Not to mention, what a way to come out of the pandemic with a bang!! 

Keep the outfits light and airy! 

This is the MOST IMPORTANT piece of advice for having the best summer portrait session ever. Make sure you choose outfits with breathable, breezy materials. And keep the colors light and relatively neutral. Think: whites, light blues, light pinks, and khaki/tan. You can always have pops of darker/bolder colors, of course!

Gals – Go for light and airy dresses with sandals! 

Guys – I recommend khaki shorts and short-sleeved tops. 

Be strategic in what you bring to your family photo session!

If it were me, here’s what I would bring:

  • Water, and lots of it! 
  • Hair ties
  • Extra makeup, in case you get shiny
  • Something to wipe away sweat
  • A change of clothes if you tend to be a heavy sweater
  • Toys and books, to keep the kids entertained if need be

…and BRIBES. This is very important 😀 Bring something to motivate the kids to participate. But don’t bring anything that will melt! Aka chocolate and M&Ms. 

Embrace the elements and just have fun!

It might be hot. It might be humid. You might get sweaty. But try to just enjoy this time with your family!! If you’re concerned about sweating or having frizzy hair due to humidity, I recommend waiting until fall or spring when the temperatures are a bit cooler and the humidity isn’t as intense. 

Have I convinced you yet to book a summer portrait session with me? If so, contact me here and we’ll start planning!

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