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Disciplining your kids during family photo sessions? | Washington, DC Family Photographer

What if I told you I didn’t allow disciplining at our sessions?!

SCANDALOUS, right?! 😳 Here me out…

How your kids participate in / experience our sessions COMPLETELY depends on the energy of the parents and the photographer.

I WANT your kids to be wild. I want them to not be able to sit still. I want them to tell me their funny jokes and talk incessantly and jump around like they have an ant in their pants. I want ALL of that because that is where the authentic goodness is.

I have so many tricks up my sleeve that help me harness that wild energy into joyful, fun, REAL photos that you will cherish forever.

But I’m going to be super honest with you here: when you discipline or punish your kids at our session, it totally just zaps that magical energy right outta there. You’re mad, the kids are mad and now we have an uphill battle to get back to that sweet spot of authenticity and joy.

So leave it up to me! I promise, I got this 🤩

Now of course, I say all of this knowing that there are DEFINITELY times that kids need to be disciplined. And in those extreme moments, I will allow you to do what you need to do. But 99% of the time, when your kids are misbehaving they are actually giving us *exactly* what we need for the family photos of your dreams!

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