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The case for at-home lifestyle family portrait sessions | Washington, DC Family Photographer

You might be surprised to know that in-home family sessions are my favorite! ❤️ Here’s why:

🏡 You’re able to easily inject so much of your family’s personality into the pictures. We can feature that gallery wall you’ve been carefully curating for years or the tree in the yard that you planted for your partner years ago or anything else that holds sentiment!

💖 You’re literally AT home. The comfort level is already sky-high. And comfort is key for capturing authentic (and adorable) moments!

🔁 If you have multiple kids, being at home allows us to tag family members in and out – and while they’re not “on”, they can easily go have a snack break, play with their favorite toys and just recharge in THEIR space.

🌦️ In-home sessions are not weather dependent. While I prefer a sunny day, it’s not always necessary. These photos were taken on a dark day that was threatening rain!! So whether it’s cold, rainy, HOT and HUMID – it doesn’t matter because we’ll be inside!

🛁 You can do SO MUCH because there is such variety in a home. Stick your kid in the sink? Yes! Plop your kid in the tub? Double yes! Let them crawl around in their diaper totally uninhibited? 100% YES.

So all that to say, if you’re like: “oh my gosh it’s getting so cold, we can’t do family photos until the spring now!!” then I challenge you to think of all the beautiful possibilities of an in-home session – they are EASILY my favorite kind of session for good reason!

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