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3 Easy Ways to Prep for Your Newborn Session | Washington, DC Newborn Photographer

Want to have the best newborn session EVER?! Do these three things!

Feed your baby right before I come.

This will ensure he/she is sleepy, cuddly and happy! And we can always take feeding breaks mid-session if need be. My newborn sessions are two hours long, which leaves plenty of time for breaks!

Declutter, but don’t deep clean!

Please don’t feel the need to go into spring cleaning mode before I arrive. A simple decluttering is all that is necessary. Trust me – your dust bunnies won’t make it into the shots! But that glass on the coffee table will, and probably that dirty laundry on the dresser. It’s simple: put away anything you wouldn’t want in a photo!

Make sure your home is warm-ish.

It’s best if you keep the house at a relatively warm temperature during the session – especially if we’ll be doing “just diaper” photos. A warm baby is a happy baby!


Let’s talk outfits. Here are the four things I LOVE capturing babies in:
• A simple white or pastel onesie
• A neutral or lightly patterned swaddle
• A dressier outfit — make it fun with a pop of color!
• Only a diaper 🥰
Oh and bows, hats or other accessories are absolutely encouraged!

What did I miss? Do you have any other tips for happy, photogenic babies?! Comment below!

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