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How to Have the Best Newborn Session EVER.

Want to have the best newborn session EVER?! Do these three things!

✨ Feed your baby right before I come.
This will ensure he/she is sleepy, cuddly and happy! And we can always take feeding breaks mid-session if need be. My newborn sessions are two hours long, which leaves plenty of time for breaks!

✨ Declutter, but don’t deep clean!
Please don’t feel the need to go into spring cleaning mode before I arrive. A simple decluttering is all that is necessary. Trust me – your dust bunnies won’t make it into the shots! But that glass on the coffee table will, and probably that dirty laundry on the dresser. It’s simple: put away anything you wouldn’t want in a photo!

✨ Make sure your home is warm-ish.
It’s best if you keep the house at a relatively warm temperature during the session – especially if we’ll be doing “just diaper” photos. A warm baby is a happy baby!

🎉 BONUS TIP! Let’s talk outfits. Here are the four things I LOVE capturing babies in:
• A simple white or pastel onesie
• A neutral or lightly patterned swaddle
• A dressier outfit — make it fun with a pop of color!
• Only a diaper 🥰
Oh and bows, hats or other accessories are absolutely encouraged!

What did I miss? Do you have any other tips for happy, photogenic babies?! Comment below!

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