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Your Kids Can Last Longer at Your Family Photo Session Than You Think | Washington, DC Family Photographer

Welcome to Myth Busting Mondays!

Today’s Myth: Your kids will only last the length of a mini session.

Let’s bust it! Okay, hear me out. I totally understand that your kids may have a short attention span. If I were asking them to just look at me and smile for 20 minutes, I would absolutely agree with you. But that’s not how I run my sessions!

Here’s why I believe your kids CAN last longer than 15-20 minutes:

🤓 I try to make my sessions a fun, family-bonding experience: one filled with games and laughter and silliness. I’ve recently been on a kick of making everyone discuss the silliest pizza toppings you can think of – the answers are adorably hilarious.

🍭 I also HIGHLY encourage breaks throughout our session – for a bit of recharge time or more importantly, for bribes…er, snacks.

🔁 And finally, I like to tag family members in and out. So brother isn’t going to be in front of the camera for the entire session! He may take photos with Dad and then it’s sister’s turn to take photos with Mom and vice versa.

Mini sessions are one of my most popular client offerings and I totally see why! Babies, toddlers, kids — they grow and change at the speed of light and you don’t want to miss a second! So doing a mini session twice a year is the perfect way to ensure you capture every stage.

Just be careful to not sell your kids short – a full session is a much richer experience. I go deeper with your family and have the time to warm up to and bond with your kids which makes for more authentic and meaningful photos. So if you’re only booking a mini because you’re afraid your kids won’t cooperate, think again! You might be missing out on your dream family photos ❤✨

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