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Why your house WILL work for at-home lifestyle family portraits | Washington, DC Family Photographer

Welcome back to Myth Busting Mondays! 👊🏻💥

Today’s Myth: Your house is not clean / pretty / white / big enough for an in-home family portrait session.

This is SO false! Truth be told, I could do an entire session by one window in your house. But I LOVE to inject personality into your photos which is why I choose to take photos in multiple rooms, and sometimes even outside when the weather is nice!

🏠 “My house isn’t pretty enough.”
There is no such thing as an ugly house. I love seeing each of your homes because they are all super unique to YOU. They reflect your family’s style and personality and add a special layer of authenticity to your sessions. Looking back at photos from my childhood, I am always so so happy to have photos from inside my house. They are little time capsules and take me right back to specific moments and feelings in time. I mean, what better place for family photos than the spot where your family’s memories are made?!

☀️ “My house is SO dark!”
Please never ever ever worry about light. I’ve never not been able to take photos in someone’s house. We will always schedule your session when we know there will be ample light. Worst case scenario, we can always open a door to let more light in!

🧹”I just don’t think I have time for a deep clean.”
Finally – I can’t emphasize this enough – there is ZERO need to do a deep clean before I come. Honestly? Your dust bunnies won’t make it into the shot BUT the clutter on your night stand will. So just be sure to straighten things up before our session – no major cleaning allowed! (Especially if you’re in the throes of newborn life 😅)

To sum it up: don’t immediately write off your house as a session location. We can ALWAYS make it work!

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