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Printing Your Photos | Washington, DC Family Photographer

And we’re back with another Myth Busting Monday! 

Today’s Myth: I will never get around to printing my digital photos.

Repeat after me: I WILL print my photos. I know it seems like a task that just forever lives on your to-do list. But I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Did you know that my clients can order print products directly from their galleries in literally THREE CLICKS? Not only that, but they have access to so many beautiful options: prints of all sizes, framed prints, canvas prints, wood prints, metal prints and even cards?! It’s true. And it’s painless!

And even better, each of my clients gets a $25 print credit to my print shop! I offer this because your photos deserve better than a hard drive. They deserve your walls, your fridges, your nightstands. They deserve the places you see once, twice, ten times a day. So that they can do what they were meant to: bring you back to special moments with your most cherished people. 

I’m curious though: is there anything else that keeps you from printing your photos? Share your answers below!

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