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What to Wear for Your In-Home Newborn Session | Washington, DC Newborn Photographer

Choosing what to wear for your in-home newborn session can feel like a confusing task. You want to look nice, but not over-the-top. Relaxed, but not like you just rolled out of bed. You’re cuddling up at home, but you’re also in front of a camera! I’ve put together some tried-and-true outfit advice from my years capturing real moments with your newest additions.

Keep Your Palette Simple

Usually I’m a huge fan of color, but for newborn sessions, I suggest light, neutral, and pastel colors. This will ensure baby in the center or attention, plus it’ll give you the light & airy newborn photos of your dreams.

Prep Your Feet

Okay sorry for being gross for a moment, but for in-home sessions I’m usually photographing you with bare feet. This is your heads-up to prepare accordingly and you can absolutely use me as an excuse to get a pedicure!

Who Wears What

Like I recommend for my in-home lifestyle sessions, when you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, it shows in the photos. That’s why I always recommend starting with mom’s outfit. As the saying goes, if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

For moms, I recommend either a flowy dress or a combination of jeans with a comfy knit sweater or an oversized button-up. The same can go for big sisters!

Dad and brothers can keep it simple with jeans paired with either a sweater, plain tee, or henley (just avoid logos, words, or exact matching!)

For baby, you’ll want to select 2-3 outfits. We may not get to all of them, but it’s fun to have a variety if possible. The three I recommend are:

  1. A neutral or lightly patterned onesie
  2. A neutral or lightly patterned swaddle
  3. Fun outfit for individual portraits (this is a great moment for a monogram or heirloom piece)

My newborn clients also have access to my Baby Closet. You’re welcome to select up to three outfits from the closet you’d like me to bring along as options!

I value authenticity and real moments. Which is why I choose to specialize in lifestyle newborn sessions instead of posed studio portraiture. I want to photography you and your baby together as you enjoy the newness of it all. I’ll photograph you – as well as your partner, any siblings, and, of course, pets – with your little one. I’ll have you snuggling on couches and beds, singing lullabies (or the latest Taylor Swift hit) by a window, sitting on the floor of the nursery admiring this new little life. I will set up the moments, but they will be authenticated by YOU.

And the last thing I want you to worry about is what you’re wearing as we capture this sweet and fleeting stage. That’s why I love to keep what to wear for your in-home newborn session simple and comfortable.

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