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Your Newborn Session: How to Prep | Washington, DC Newborn Photographer

Hello, soon-to-be parents! 🌈 The countdown to capturing those precious newborn moments is on, and I’m here to guide you on how to prep for your upcoming session. Let’s make sure everything is just right for those heartwarming photos!

Preparing Baby for the Spotlight

Outfit Options: Variety is the Spice of Life!

I recommend selecting 2-3 adorable outfits for your little one. Go for a mix – a neutral or lightly patterned onesie, a matching swaddle, and maybe just a diaper for those timeless “just diaper” photos. And hey, explore my Baby Closet to pick out 2-3 additional items for a touch of variety!

Feeding Time: A Happy Baby is the Best Model!

Feed your baby right before I arrive to ensure a content, sleepy, and cuddly model. We can always take feeding breaks mid-session, so don’t stress. With sessions lasting 2-3 hours, there’s plenty of time for those little breaks.

Preparing Your Home for Picture-Perfect Memories

Cleaning with Ease: A Simple Declutter Will Do!

No need for a deep clean; just a bit of decluttering works wonders. To give me the freedom to explore your entire home, grab a laundry basket. Toss anything you’d rather keep out of the frame into it, then stash it in a closet or a room without windows.

Setting the Temperature: Warm and Cozy for Happy Babies!

Keep your home warm, especially if we’re aiming for those adorable “just diaper” photos. A warm baby is a happy baby, and happy babies make for heartwarming photos!

Chasing the Light: A Natural Glow is Our Go-To!

I exclusively use natural light for in-home sessions, so let’s schedule around when your home is bathed in the brightest light. Typically, we’ll focus on the main bedroom, the nursery, and the living spaces – but we’ll go with the flow. Open up all curtains, blinds, and shutters before my arrival for that perfect natural glow.

FYI: It it’s a rainy or cloudy day, we may need to reschedule based on the amount of natural light your home receives. And I promise, it will be worth the inconvenience!

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