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Your Newborn Session: What to Expect | Washington, DC Newborn Photographer

Hello soon-to-be parents! 👶🍼 The countdown to meeting your little one is on, and I’m thrilled to be part of capturing those precious moments during your newborn session. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

Timing is Everything

Your baby is almost here! We aim to schedule your newborn session within the first 2-3 weeks after your little one’s arrival. I always like to keep it a “tentative” date on my calendar so we can adjust if baby is early or late!

It’s also 100% okay to postpone because you simply need more time – time to adjust, time to recover, time to sleep, etc. Having a baby is life changing in every way so I fully support adjustments to the schedule if need be 

P.S. For tips on scheduling your session , check out my post Why You Don’t Have To Take Newborn Photos Immediately After Birth”.

Capturing Real Moments: Lifestyle Newborn Sessions 💕

I’m all about authenticity and genuine moments. That’s why I opt for lifestyle newborn sessions over posed studio portraits. Let’s capture the essence of your family as you bask in the newness of this little bundle of joy. We’ll focus on you, your partner, siblings, and even the furry family members, creating a story of your life with your newborn.

Snuggling on couches, singing lullabies (Taylor Swift hits are absolutely encouraged!), sitting on the nursery floor – these are the moments we’ll freeze in time. I’ll guide you to create these authentic moments, ensuring they are a true reflection of your joy, love, and connection with your newborn. Minimal props, but I do bring a basket and blankets for individual baby shots if you wish.

We also take lots of breaks during my newborn sessions. I don’t want anyone to ever feel rushed or pressured. Baby needs to be changed? Baby needs to be fed? Big sib needs a little attention and love?! Totally fine on all accounts! We will always pause to make sure we keep every family member as happy as can be.

Tiny Toes, Pouty Lips, Newborn Squish: Capturing It All!

From those adorable tiny toes to the pouty lips and the delightful newborn squish, every detail will be documented. And don’t forget the unparalleled feeling of having your new little one sleeping on your chest – those moments are priceless, and we’ll make sure to cherish them forever.

And as for those baby clothes, all of my newborn session clients get access to my Baby Closet, which includes knot gowns, swaddles of all colors/materials, hats, bows, bonnets, baskets and even a few treats/prizes for older siblings. You can learn more about what I recommend YOU and the family wear in my post “What to Wear for Your In-Home Newborn Session.

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Interested in booking a newborn session with Mary Catherine Photography? I’d love to talk with you more to see if we’d be a good fit. Let’s chat!

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